OZ4XL – call for NAC contest

Henrik OZ1LMZ and i agreed to use my extra call OZ4XL in the NAC contests for 144 and also 432 MHz class as dual operators.

Since we bought the new QTH together its fair that we run this as a team and not with the personal callsigns.

OV3T callsign will continue in the 50 and 70 MHz classes as single operator high power.

The 5P6T call has never been usefull on the VHF/UHF bands, so this call will be used on HF bands.

144/432 MHz
– single operator OV3T
– single operator OZ1LMZ
– dual operators as OZ4XL

50/70 MHz
– single operator OV3T

HF bands
– club 5P6T

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