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Antenna review PA5070-13-7-2CBGP from

PA5070-13-7-2CBGP from

As allways everything was there inside the package as expected. Packed nice and safe with wrap and tape and plastic bags for the screws and nuts.

Like my review of the end mounted 5 elements antennas for 2m, i have in the other tower, this was the same experience. Easy to sort on the table, everything marked and labeled. Elements pre-tuned from factory, so no cutting or drilling in the driver needed.

I took one whole element at the time and found the matching number for the tubes to go inside each other. Then i put the two small screws to lock the end tubes.
Some of it allready pre-assembled, so it’s only the ends you have to assemble yourself.

The boom part was also easy to handle, and the joints has two bolts on each 4 sides, så total 8 bolts. No wiggling there.

The hooks and the rope was allready mounted, and all you have to do is tightening the rope guys on the ground.

This way is very good, since it’s hard to pre-tighten the ropes on ground if antenna allready on the tilted tower in vertical position, so when tower is up and antenna is horisontal, i have seen antennas look like a banana. This is done secure on ground and you can try to lift the antenna at the mountingbracket point to see the weight on the ropes. On the bracket there is a little tightening pole so it’s allready on tension on the ground. Another smart thing instead of using an exhaust clamp above the antenna mount on top pipe. This way, antenna can be place at the end of the top pipe.

Initial SWR test – perfect curve on both bands, slightly higher on 4m but nothing to remark.

More and better quality pictures will come on this page, as well as more detailed user/signal repport.

Rope for stabilizing the boom
Product NamePA5070-13-7-2CBG
Supported Bands6m4m
Front/Back Ratio 70 MHz [db]21
Front/Back Ratio 50 MHz (dB)26
Number of connectors2
Mono-/MultibandDual band
BrandAntennas Amplifiers
Number of Elements6+7
Boom length [cm]718 cm
Balun IncludedYes
Max. Power [W]700 W (The power teflon baluns would take easy 1500w)
Max. Power700
Frequency Range50.0-50.5 + 70.0-70.5 MHz
Boom SizeTaperesd Boom: 40 x 40 mm; 30 x 30 mm
Antenna GuyingBoom 2 times
Antenna TypeDirectional Antenna
Design of antennaYagi
Antenna mountCenter Mount
Max. Mast Diameter [mm]70
Weight [kg]11.70 kgs

This time i choose to buy the antenna from Wimo to avoid the tax from outside EU.

I have bought direct before without any problems with either payment or shipping.

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