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antennas in the garage

After some bad experiences with both Flexa yagis (bad/weak construction for heavy duty use, broke antennas after 6 months) and VPA-Systems (half years delivery time, booms damaged, parts missing) i searched the internet in order to find a nice honest manufactorer of heavy duty antennas for amateur use.  I tried both EA-Antennas and G0KSC before with both good and mixed results. But for both of them the theme met my demands with heavy duty dimensioned booms and parts.

This time i browsed to, owned by YU1CF.
I send him some inquiry with my thoughts, not expecting any answer right away.

Few hours later i had his answer and he’s calculated plots and expected gains for the solution he recommended for my tower.

I ordered and payed with paypal. Same day i got the confirmation and his (honest) expected time of delivery. Offcourse manufactoring an order like mine was not some stock delivery goods, so he needed some time for producing. I had updates all the way.
By mistake i ordered the wrong type of antenna but Goran changed to rear-mount without any problems.

10-14 days after i got the mail from PostNord. They wanted me to pay customs fee.
They mixed up everything and demanded me to pay half the price from Gorans invoice in fees extra. No way – not gonna happen. then i e-mailed Goran, and few hours later i had the original invoice to forward to customs.  Total they wasted 20 days with this.
I can just say Goran keeped his word all the time and allways replied my emails.
Not he’s fault the Danish postal service has become worse lately.

I picked up each element, numbered and labeled from floor to my mounting table. 
Very easy done. The 2m dipoles where made from copper. Nice detail, and the choke baluns also included, ready-to-mount.

My plan was to get the antennas mounted during the summer, but since i had to wait for customs i waited about one month extra before actually unpacking the nice sealed tube containing the antennas. Very solid solution for protecting the booms and elements.
As allways, the challenge is the total lenght of goods, but since i ordered short antennas, i had no worries.

I ordered 6×5 element 2m yagis and 1 combi 4/6m yagi with 3elm @6m and 4elm@4m.


Based on my experience with other suppliers, i worried if all screws and stuff where inside the package.  But I was completely wrong here, everything was as expected + few extra screws for the big yagi. Everything was pre-assembled and labeled with numbers for each antenna and element. Everything goes to the right place and side of boom. Dipoles and chokes/baluns where sealed as well. Easy to mount. In about one and half hour i have assembled 6 yagis plus the 4/6m yagi. Impressive !

Time for testing the 2m stack :
We mounted the upper yagi in about 35m above ground and set the stacking distance to 190cm each, leaving the lower yagi in about 25m above ground fixed direction to Ruhr district/Holland.

The 6-way-splitter i ordered to connect the antenna stack, was made in superior quality.

I made the connections with RF400UF low loss coax and N type crimp plugs. First impression after connecting the 7/8 heliax feeder was great, S.W.R 1:1 lower band as expected.
Test made with 5w drive only, using FT8 from the ic-7100 showed the pattern very clear of the antenna stack.

Test made with 5w drive only, using FT8 from the ic-7100 

showed the pattern very clear of the antenna stack.NAC September test, SM/SP/OK worked from 4x8elm, DL/PA/G worked from 6x5elm 1KW

I tested in the following NAC tuesday contest with 1kw power, and i worked 20-25 qso’s more than usual, making the two antenna systems switchable (between 4×8 on top and the 6×5 stack). A very wide beam pattern vs the narrow point to point from the 4×8.
Very quiet system, giving me approx 16dBd gain fixed direction and a nice pattern.
Compared to the 4×8 system, offcourse the gain is little less working the ODX, but for wide pattern cq, the new stack meets the requirements in a contest with low angle.



All in all i want to recommend Goran’s service to others.



From oct 25. 2018, 24 hour RX from the antennas to sdr dongle and PSK Repporter :

A few +1200km french stations and one italian station 1800km+ heard.

Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
OZ1JXY 2m FT8 75 km 16:10:15
DO3FRH 2m FT8 535 km 16:07:00
DC6KI 2m FT8 672 km 15:58:15
PA4VHF 2m FT8 485 km 15:44:30
DF1AN 2m FT8 370 km 15:29:46
DO5UH 2m FT8 649 km 15:29:15
DL5OCD 2m FT8 449 km 15:28:30
PB0AHX 2m FT8 577 km 15:16:46
PA5WT 2m FT8 545 km 15:12:46
PA0O 2m FT8 383 km 15:11:15
PE1BIW 2m FT8 441 km 15:02:46
PE1LJS 2m FT8 514 km 14:22:45
PA7WP 2m FT8 573 km 14:18:45
PA0HTW 2m FT8 391 km 14:13:00
DL6YBF 2m FT8 502 km 14:06:15
DJ6GK 2m FT8 612 km 14:03:45
DH8BQA 2m FT8 465 km 13:54:00
OZ1BEF 2m FT8 18 km 13:49:15
IK7XWJ 2m FT8 1886 km 13:38:30
EI3KD 2m FT8 1240 km 13:30:01
DL9DAC 2m FT8 568 km 13:14:45
DL8DAU 2m FT8 681 km 13:13:46
DF3XZ 2m FT8 300 km 13:02:45
DH8BAO 2m FT8 366 km 12:44:45
DF7AP 2m FT8 553 km 12:44:15
DJ9MG 2m FT8 490 km 12:42:45
PH2LB 2m FT8 474 km 12:41:46
DF8JE 2m FT8 599 km 12:40:15
PE1BVQ 2m FT8 532 km 12:23:45
DL1KDA 2m FT8 660 km 12:14:00
DK9TF 2m FT8 584 km 12:05:15
DF5VAE 2m FT8 331 km 11:59:15
DG8JA 2m FT8 589 km 11:52:45
PD0HCV 2m FT8 522 km 11:15:15
DK3WG 2m FT8 552 km 10:32:45
DK5AI 2m FT8 530 km 10:30:30
PE7FG 2m FT8 473 km 10:00:00
PH2M 2m FT8 562 km 09:46:45
DL4AO 2m FT8 370 km 09:37:01
DO1LM 2m FT8 230 km 09:37:00
OZ2ND 2m FT8 31 km 09:32:45
DL6BF 2m FT8 458 km 09:25:30
PD5MJF 2m FT8 523 km 09:12:45
DM2ECM 2m FT8 482 km 09:08:16
DL1HVB 2m FT8 347 km 09:04:45
PA2RU 2m FT8 420 km 08:58:17
F4DZF 2m FT8 1233 km 08:54:45
DK2EA 2m FT8 692 km 08:18:32
DG4YIR 2m FT8 472 km 08:15:03
DO1TI 2m FT8 320 km 08:02:00
DL7VEE 2m FT8 500 km 07:55:00
F6GNR 2m FT8 1260 km 07:34:01
DL5ZA 2m FT8 549 km 07:06:00
G8IXN 2m FT8 1178 km 07:05:15
F6BYJ 2m FT8 1334 km 06:47:30
F6DBI 2m FT8 1227 km 05:58:00
F2YT 2m FT8 794 km 05:38:00
DH9OK 2m FT8 516 km 05:37:30


DB3GI 2m FT8 391 km 04:58:30
PH0TV 2m FT8 494 km 04:01:45
PD7RON 2m FT8 505 km 22:37:30
ON8KW 2m FT8 690 km 22:31:45
DF9QT 2m FT8 637 km 22:30:30
F8DBF 2m FT8 1290 km 22:22:15
GU6EFB 2m FT8 1103 km 22:07:15