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New tower – it’s up there !

Small 9m tower added to remote site

Thanks to OZ5N Steen, i had his old 18m tower for couple years and finally i made some use of it.

I cut down the buttom section and put in ground for base.

Made some hinges and a winch post to pull up the 9m section (bottom hinged).

The new dual yagi from YU1CF and below a TE-46 6-band yagi from Tet Emtron. On top, small Diamond X200 for SDR and radiosonde.

Also the flightradar moved to the garagebuilding to prevent white noise to the VHF tower.

Next project :

Two of theese badboys arraving soon from, 11-23 elm dual yagis 144/432. It will save weight in the tower and reduce total amount of antennas.

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