7 thoughts on “ADSB network for AIRSCOUT

  • Hej Thomas.
    Flot initiativ.
    Jeg har desværre ikke noget feed , men jeg er meget interesseret i at modtage data, hvis det kan lade sig gøre.
    73 de OZ9GE Henning

    • Henning, kontakt mig på ov3t at ov3t . dk

  • Zeljko Roscic

    pse login to the ADSB network for AIRSCOUT

  • Stefan Rothhardt

    Hallo lieber OM
    Ich würde gern ein Account öffnen lassen im Airscout um dieses zu nutzen. Mein Call ist DO5SA

    Vielen Dank vorab. 73 de do5sa

  • Stellan Wersén

    I would like to open an account if possible?
    I have imported a textfile as requested

    /Stellan SM0LQB

  • Hi Thomas,
    my name is Marco, IW5ECB, I would like to set up an ads-b receiving station in my QTH (JN53SI lat 43°20’25.32″N 11°30’10.07″E 389mt a.s.l.) to connect to the Airscout system, I have already got one 1090Mhz reception antenna, an LNA with selective filter, a USB stick (RadarBox ADS-B Flightstick); I therefore ask you to be able to include me among the stations, to forward me the details for network access, and other details that you deem appropriate. Thank you for your attention, I take this opportunity to send my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones

    73′ de Marco, IW5ECB

  • pse login to the ADSB network for AIRSCOUT
    Joze S51ZO


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