ADS-B VRS server

New hobby project. ADS-B receiving / dx on 1090MHz.

Local flightradar, feeding to multiple providers like Flightradar24, Flightaware, AdsbHub and more.

Also playing around with AIS receiver, ACARS and others.

The range plot from Kjp site :

Looking very omni directional. The antenna’s take off in 30m above ground seems to be a good choice. Coverage near 420km all directions.
This range “splat” is very simular to my coverage on 2m and 70cm under normal tropo condx.

The range “splat” from my radar in Asklev on same layer (darkest), shows that Kjp is the best position for widest omni pattern.

Range “splat” from Kjp (brightest) and Asklev (darkest).
Antenna in Asklev is only about 10m above ground, but 140m asl.
The omni pattern from Kjellerup radar is due to antenna height. No weak angles.

the blue dongle performing well as it is, but if you live near by large signals like a GSM tower or local radio stations, the are better served with the yellow dongle + external filter.

Here is the complete coverage from my sites plus 2-3 friends :

I also feed Flightradar24, Flightaware and ADSBHub.

The receiver is Raspberry Pi 3b+ with Flightaware dongle.
the blue dongle : build in preamp + filter
the yellow dongle : build in preamp /no filter
I use Stanislav 6dB collinear antennas.

If you want to exchange feed data with me from VRS, Dump1090, SBS or other systems, please contact me on ov3t @

I can then offer you unfiltered account to my VRS (military/interesting filter on/off).