Them Bavnehøj – JO46SC

Tower 140m asl + 18m tower.

144MHz: 4x4elm dk7zb towards DL+PA, 1x10elm dk7zb
432MHz: 1x21elm Tonna
50/70MHz: 3elm 50MHz / 4elm /70MHz from

Contest setup :
144MHz: 4x4elm dk7zb towards DL+PA, 2x10elm dk7zb
432MHz: 1x21elm Tonna + 2/4x19elm Oz5hf/Vårgarda

Vertical antenna: Diamond X200

Flightradar Ekka13 for Airscout and 5P22U UHF Beacon also in tower.

Remote antennas JO46SC

Home antennas (jo46qh):

Tower 12m + 4m top pipe.
Total 81 mtrs above sea level.
65m asl + 16m tower.

Home antennas JO46QH

I made a support tower mounted to the base so i can tilt the whole thing down to my garden.

70cm : 4×19 elm “OZ5HF” with power balun + ssb preamp
2m : 9-elm LFA G0KSC + ssb preamp

2m/70cm : dual yagi 10elm/23elm homebrew hybrid DK7ZB two feedpoints
6m/4m :  6elm 6m/5elm 4m G0KSC 4-6-11 homebrew

On top, verticals for FM, Flightradar and aircraft.

Wire antenna homemade 30/40/80m dipole wires inv-v.
Vertical 10/12/15m homebrew
Vertical 20/40m homebrew

From the home tower i compete in NAC 4/6m.

Go to contest certificates

Project died tower collapsed :
Contest tower (jo46qh) :
65m asl + 45m tower
Total of 110m asl

On top rotable h-frame : 
70cm : 4×16 elm DK7ZB + HA8ET preamp (25x25mm booms)
2m :     4×8 elm DK7ZB  + HA8ET preamp (25x25mm booms)

Fixed directions 2m :
4×4 elm DK7ZB homebrew direction Sweden Stockholm (Nuxcom)
2x6elm  OZ5HF direction SM0/LA (good old quality antennas)
6x5elm yagis direction DL/PA – Read my review of

For 70cm tropo beacon project : 4xdipoles oz5hf, dir south east
*not active yet, if anyone wants to donate a beacon transmitter to the site, please contact me.

I made phasing cables my self for all and i use powersplitters for the top.
I use 1/2″ Heliax as feeder and a 4 port relay in top.

Read more about the Remote Site


Update 16/3/2020 :

Im sad to tell that the tower collapsed.

Propably hit by a containertruck

Now back to drawingboard and look for new location.

Many hours put into this project wasted and lots of money spend.

Now all equipment is damaged and send to scrap.