YT3N KN04LP 1531km

Audio file :


S56P JN76SN 1165kmAudio file :

RW3TJ LO16XG 2113kmfrom rx ant2

Audio file :

LZ0C KN32AH 1961kmAudio file :


IK8BIZ JN70ET 1763km

Audio file :


IT9/IK4RSR  JM78ID 2060kmAudio file :


IC8FAX JN70CN 1788kmAudio file :




What must be some kind of SWL record from REG1,
oneway connection between OV3T JO46QH and EA8TX Il18QI = 3725km !

I have a few decodes from Fernando in the 2-3 skeds we had, but he did not hear me.
Unfortunenately, 1kw and 4×8 elm with approx 17db gain wasnt enough.
Most likely i had a better/cleaner rx than Fernando, but we must try some day to complete the record with new attempt.