Remote Setup

Under Update

Pictures and descriptions will follow how i have done the controls.

Setup :

Tower 45m free stand/self supporting, 6×7.5m sections.

2x5ghZ link from Mikrotik
1×12 port cisco switch with POE
1xRPI3 flightradar + 6dbD antenna
2xUniden scanners for network
1xtiny Lenovo stationary PC
1x100amp 13,5v power supply
1x20amp 24v power supply
1x76amp 48v power supply

1xwebswitch 5channel relay for antennas
1×16 channel self-programmed web relay
1xrotor control, browser controlled
2xlarge junction boxes for keeping all dry inside the rack
1xwooden rack special made
1xladder 5m
1xIcom 9700
1xGS35 tube amp
4×16 elm 432MHz antennas
4×8 elm 144 MHz antennas
6×5 elm 144 MHz antennas
2×6 elm 144 MHz antennas
4×4 elm 144 MHz antennas
1×3/4 elm 50/70 MHz antenna
2xRemoterig set’s
2x25amp mains groups

+ a few kilometers of wires (network/power and coax)