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One way connection 144MHz, between OV3T-JO46QH and EA8TX-Il18QI = 3725km !


What must be some kind of SWL record from REG1,
one way connection between OV3T JO46QH and EA8TX Il18QI = 3725km !

I had a few decodes from Fernando in the 2-3 skeds we had between aug. 11-13-2018, but he did not hear me well anough for proper decode.
Unfortunenately, 1kw and 4×8 elm with approx 18,5db gain 50m above ground wasnt enough to make it happen.
Most likely i had a better/cleaner rx than Fernando, but we must try some day to complete the record with new attempt.

3 thoughts on “One way connection 144MHz, between OV3T-JO46QH and EA8TX-Il18QI = 3725km !

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