Contest tower (jo46qh) :
65m asl + 45m tower
Total of 110m asl

On top rotable h-frame : 
70cm : 4×16 elm DK7ZB + HA8ET preamp (25x25mm booms)
2m :     4×8 elm DK7ZB  + HA8ET preamp (25x25mm booms)

Fixed directions 2m :
4×4 elm DK7ZB homebrew direction Sweden Stockholm (Nuxcom)
2x6elm  OZ5HF direction SM0/LA (good old quality antennas)
6x5elm yagis direction DL/PA – Read my review of

For 70cm tropo beacon project : 4xdipoles oz5hf, dir south east
*not active yet, if anyone wants to donate a beacon transmitter to the site, please contact me.

I made phasing cables my self for all and i use powersplitters for the top.
I use 1/2″ Heliax as feeder and a 4 port relay in top.

Read more about the Remote Site


Home antennas (jo46qh):

Tower 12m + 4m top pipe.
Total 81 mtrs above sea level.
65m asl + 16m tower.

I made a support tower mounted to the base so i can tilt the whole thing down to my garden.

70cm : 4×19 elm “OZ5HF” with power balun + ssb preamp
2m : 9-elm LFA G0KSC + ssb preamp
6/4m :  6elm 6m/5elm 4m G0KSC 4-6-11 homebrew
2m/70cm GP : Diamond X200N

Wire antenna homemade 30/40/80m dipole wires inv-v.
Vertical 10/12/15m homebrew
Vertical 20/40m homebrew

From the home tower i compete in NAC 4/6m.

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