New QTH for 5P6T / OV3T

Last month a containertruck ran into my tower and it collapsed.
Read about the story here

Now i can remote the field day qth from Them Bavnehøj JO46SC as well as run with the 5P6T contest group from the wagon with fixed power and internet connection.

Tower 140m asl + 18m tower.

144MHz: 4x4elm dk7zb towards DL+PA, 1x10elm dk7zb
432MHz: 1x21elm Tonna

Contest setup :
144MHz: 4x4elm dk7zb towards DL+PA, 2x10elm dk7zb
432MHz: 1x21elm Tonna + 2/4x19elm Oz5hf/Vårgarda

Vertical antenna: Diamond X200

Flightradar Ekka13 for Airscout and 5P22U UHF Beacon also in tower.

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