New first OZ/OX QSO on 4m

Gear this site for the contact : ic-7300 + 5elm yagi, 12m AGL, 74m ASL.

Congrats Bo, OZ1DJJ/OX3LX

ES is a wonderfull thing, as you can see, the purple part of the text is worked on 6m and the brown/gray is the 4m part of the qso.

OX3LX GP38 FT8 -02 +21 20200712 223900 20200712 224014 6m 50.315252 OV3T JO46qh
OX3LX GP38 FT8 -18 -09 20200712 224201 20200712 224344 4m 70.156252 OV3T JO46qh

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